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Aromatica - B5+ Biotin Fortifying Conditioner 400ml
Brand: Aromatica
Product DescriptionFormulated with plant-derived extracts, this hair conditioner provides long-lasting hydration to tresses. Black bean, black rice, black sesame, mulberry, eggplant and pepper seed extracts as well as pantothenic acid nourish hair while biotin gives follicles a glossy finish.Uses on..
Rs. 5,030
Nature Republic - Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner Renewed 300ml
Product DescriptionRENEWED ! Enriched with argan oil, this deep care conditioner moisturizes, nourishes and repairs hair damaged from heat, dyes and chemicals. Leave on tips and brittle areas for 10-15 minutes before washing off for smoother and healthier locks.Contains argan oil to make hair shiny ..
Rs. 4,490
Product DetailsDETANGLE • REVIVEInstantly soften and condition hair with the moisturizing power of awapuhi found in Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Keratin Cream Rinse®. This daily, color-safe conditioner strengthens and protects troubled tresses, instantly detangles and replenishes thirsty, dry strands for si..
Rs. 5,072
Paul Mitchell - Awapuhi Wild Ginger MirrorSmooth Conditioner 200ml
Product DetailsELIMINATES FRIZZ • SUPERIOR SOFTNESSInstantly hydrate and detangle hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger® MirrorSmooth® Conditioner. This silky, color-safe conditioner abolishes frizz and leaves hair luxuriously soft with a shiny, reflective mirror-smooth finish. It contains KeraReflect®, an ..
Rs. 3,995
Product DetailsPRESERVES COLOR • ADDED PROTECTIONPreserve and protect hair color with Color Protect® Conditioner from Paul Mitchell®. This daily conditioner detangles and soothes color-treated hair, so locks look and feel soft and hydrated. Sunflower extract helps to protect hair from sun damage to ..
Rs. 2,557
Product DetailsINTENSE REPAIR • ADDED PROTECTIONPreserve and protect hair color with Color Protect® Treatment from Paul Mitchell®. This intensive hair mask repairs, conditions and hydrates color-treated hair while it helps prevent breakage and reduces split ends. Sunflower extract helps protect hair..
Rs. 2,069
Product DetailsLIGHTWEIGHT RINSE • DETANGLESThicker, fuller hair starts with Extra-Body Conditioner from Paul Mitchell®. Reach for this super body-building formula to gently condition, detangle and add volume to fine hair. It contains panthenol to boost body and help repair damaged hair, while wheat..
Rs. 4,195
Product DetailsSTRENGTHENS • REBUILDSStrong hair starts from within. Paul Mitchell® Super Strong® Conditioner with Super Strong® Complex helps rebuild the internal structure of damaged hair while canola, soybean and cornstarch add shine and moisture, leaving hair soft and smooth. Added bonus: Contai..
Rs. 4,495
Product DetailsHYDRATING • SOOTHINGPut hair and mind at ease with Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner™. This daily conditioner hydrates, detangles, softens and quenches dry, thirsty hair with a calming fragrance. It contains ultra-rich conditioners that soothe snarls and hydrate moisture-starved ..
Rs. 5,495
Product DetailsENERGIZING BODY BUILDERA lemon a day keeps the tangles away! Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner® gives limp locks a thickening citrus boost with body, condition and shine. The zesty formula contains thickening agents that add volume, while lightweight conditioners protect hair and add ..
Rs. 4,695
Product DetailsINVIGORATING CONDITIONERYour hair deserves special treatment. Renew worn-out locks with the refreshing tingle of Tea Tree Special Conditioner®. This invigorating conditioner contains a moisturizing botanical blend that helps to soften, smooth and tackle tangles for instant manageabili..
Rs. 3,906
Product DetailsORIGINAL CONDITIONER • SUPER RICHIdeal for coarse hair and color-treated hair, The Detangler® from Paul Mitchell® easily detangles and replenishes thirsty hair. This super rich conditioner is enhanced with grapeseed oil and carrot extract to help provide instant conditioning, detangli..
Rs. 4,195
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