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Clio - Kill Lasting Superproof Brush Liner Kill Black
Product DescriptionWater, sweat and oil proof, this eyeliner delivers sharp and clean eyelines that last all day!Shade 'Kill Black' presents a deep and distinctive performance.1 eye brush linerHow to Use1. Remove the protecting ring and press the cap and the pen together, spin the dial at the bottom..
Rs. 3,649
Product DetailsA new version of RiRe Fork Eyebrow Tint.Strongly resistant to water and oil, helps create a sweatproof tattoo eyebrow that lasts for up to 10 days.Delivers a natural eyebrow look with its 5 slender tines.Infused with naturally-derived tanning ingredients to avoid irritation that suita..
Rs. 2,390
Product DescriptionWaterproof, oil-proof and sweatproof tattoo eyebrow tint that lasts for up to 8 days.Available in four natural colors.Uses natural tanning to make sure it’s safe for all skin types.1. Delivers a natural look with its 4 slender tines.2. Apply just once and it will last for up to 8 ..
Rs. 1,880
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