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ACWELL - Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist 100ml
Product DescriptionA new companion product to the brand’s best-selling Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner. The mist is unlike any other you’ve used before thanks to its milky texture that delivers an ultra-fine, even spray and its balancing, nutrient-packed formula.Star ingredients include b..
Rs. 3,875
AMPLE N -  Ceramide Shot Ampoule Mist 80ml
Brand: AMPLE N
Product DescriptionCeramide Shot Ampoule Mist helps to hydrate and protect skin.Enriched with 19,000ppm Cerafull Complex™ to nourish dry, irritated skin with rich moisturization, restoring healthy, radiant skin.Patented Arctigenin effectively strengthens skin barrier and protect skin against harmful..
Rs. 3,350
Benton - Tea Tree Mist 80ml Benton - Tea Tree Mist 80ml
Brand: Benton
Product DetailsFormulated with mild ingredients such as tea tree extract and sodium hyaluronate, this slightly acidic mist provides moisture to dry and tired skin. Thanks to its portable size and convenient spray applicator, stay moisturized anywhere and anytime! Suitable for sensitive skin.A renewe..
Rs. 2,991
Brand: Garnier
Product DescriptionGarnier Organic Argan Hydrating Mist hydrates refreshes skin leaving it glowing. Formulated with Organic Argan Oil and Organic Cornflower Water, this ultra-fine Argan Facial Mist hydrates and refreshes to awaken skin. 150mlHow to UseSpray at a minimum 15cm away from your face..
Rs. 1,402
I Dew Care - Thirst Things First Revitalizing Vitamin C Mist Mask 80ml
Brand: I Dew Care
Product DetailsA Vitamin C brightening serum with a lightweight, jelly-like formula which gives skin a plumper look.Infused with nourishing Vitamin C to boost radiance, improve skin tone, and protect against environmental stressors. As well as Vitamin E and B5 conditions to help replenish moisture l..
Rs. 4,557
Laneige - Cream Skin Refiner Mist 120ml
Brand: Laneige
Product DescriptionThis multifunctional mist works as a toner and a quick hydrating pick me-up. Formulated with fine particles that penetrates into skin leaving it moisturized and brighter. Enriched with white leaf tea water and amino acid to soothe and strengthen skin’s barrier. Free of artificial ..
Rs. 4,914
Brand: Make P:rem
Product DetailsPerfect for a mid-day pick-me-up, this gentle-on-skin face mist comes packed with chia seed, cica and houttuynia cordata extracts to soothe, revitalize and hydrate parched skin. Naturally-derived oils help seal in moisture, while neem tree extract contribute to its signature light gre..
Rs. 4,690
Neogen - Dermalogy White Truffle Ampoule Drop Mist 80ml
Brand: Neogen
Product DescriptionA highly moisturizing and energizing radiance ampoule mist containing precious white truffle. The unique mist-type ampoule having an oil drop texture that combines the hydrating effects of oil and moisturizing effects of an ampoule helps instantly hydrate the skin, while protectin..
Rs. 3,943
Saturday Skin - No Bad Days 4 Products Saturday Skin - No Bad Days 4 Products
Product DetailsPrepare yourself for the dreaded ‘winter skin’ attack by treating yourself or fellow ‘skintellectual’ to Saturday Skin’s No Bad Days kit. Designed to deeply hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate the complexion, this is all you need to maintain dewy, healthy skin. The Rub-A-Dub Refinin..
Rs. 11,361
Brand: Skinfood
Product DetailsFormulated with propolis extract and panthenol, this cream mist moisturizes and rejuvenates skin for a radiant complexion. Cera Green Complex and the special ingredient Pro-shield strengthen the skin barrier. Nutrients and hydration are delivered to skin evenly with fine mist. Simply ..
Rs. 5,750
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