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AXIS-Y - Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack 100ml AXIS-Y - Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack 100ml
Brand: AXIS-Y
Product DescriptionWith a base of 61% Mugwort extract, this wash off pack clears the pores of impurities, soothes inflamed and irritated skin, and gently exfoliates dead skin to reveal a bright and healthy complexion.Cruelty free and vegan friendly. Free from artificial colours, mineral oil and frag..
Rs. 4,074
Brand: Klairs
Product DetailsThis is a low-irritating sugar mask enriched with antioxidants from grapefruit and raspberry. Grapefruit extract and kaolin soften your skin texture without irritation while shea butter, raspberry oil, and jojoba with rich nutrition leave your skin moisturized after washing off. It al..
Rs. 4,775 Rs. 5,135
Im From - Fig Scrub Mask 31g
Brand: I'm From
Product DetailsThis scrub mask contains fig powder 1.2% and black sugar to gently remove dead skin cells for clear skin. A double exfoliator that softly dissolves dead skin cells while the black sugar helps with removing impurities entirely with a scrub effect. Vegan-friendly.As a zero step boo..
Rs. 2,090
Im from - Rice Mask 110g
Brand: I'm From
Product DetailsMade with organic rice grown without pesticides in Yeoju province in Korea, this wash-off mask is rich in Vitamins B1 and B2 to help restore elasticity and firmness to skin. The rice grains and rice powder provide gentle exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells, excess oil and other ..
Rs. 5,261
Brand: Mizon
Product DetailsThis multi-targeting sugar scrub is formulated with 35% black sugar powder. It helps slough away blackheads, whiteheads, residue, and dead skin cells that clog pores and make skin look dull and dry. Black sugar powder exfoliates. Glycerin, grapeseed oil, olive oil, and sunflower seed ..
Rs. 2,940
Brand: Neogen
Expiry Date 14/1/24Product DetailsA sugar and honey scrub that helps remove all your dead skin while leaving your skin moisturised and recharged. Contains 82% natural ingredients such as honey propolis and sugar.Exfoliating without irritation: Sucrose’s solubility helps to softly exfoliate the skin...
Rs. 2,510 Rs. 3,045
Brand: Neutrogena
Product DetailsNEUTROGENA® Oil Balancing Daily Exfoliator with lime and aloe vera has been developed with dermatologists to tighten pores and mattify skin. The face scrub unclogs pores with the help of natural cellulose exfoliators to purify and re-balance skin. The uplifting daily facial exfoliator..
Rs. 2,999
Brand: Purito
Product DetailsA natural konjac sponge that infused with bamboo-charcoal, gently exfoliating dead skin cells during your daily face wash.The handmade sponge gives your skin a smooth and glowing look without the harsh irritation of a physical scrub.Did not bleach and dye; suitable for sensitive skin...
Rs. 1,738
Brand: Purito
Product DetailsGently slough off dead skin cells and leave skin feeling smooth with this 100% natural konjac sponge. Infused with volcanic scoria from Jeju island to control excess sebum production. To use, soak sponge in water to soften and apply cleanser. Massage face with sponge in a circular mot..
Rs. 1,864
Brand: Simple
Product DetailsTransform your skin from dull to brightened in just 1 minute. Yep – 60 seconds is all it takes for our NEW Protect ‘n’ Glow Express Glow Clay Polish to sweep away dead skin cells and brighten dull skin. Oh, and it’s the perfect exfoliating cleanser for sensitive skin, too. Did yo..
Rs. 2,699
Product DetailsMade with EWG-certified natural ingredients, this low-pH exfoliator is composed of 86% oat, 10% brown rice and 2% fish mint for a thorough yet gentle, soothing cleansing experience. Recommended to use with the Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser. Suitable for sensitive skin.An exfoliating..
Rs. 4,380
SkinFood - Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off 100g
Brand: Skinfood
Product DescriptionContains organic Black Sugar granules that are rich in minerals and good physical exfoliators. Technically, black sugar is unrefined and enriched with minerals, particularly phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. It is also rich in vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin..
Rs. 2,699
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