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Apieu - Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment 165ml
Brand: A'pieu
Product DescriptionInfused with Vitamin B-rich raspberry, this hair treatment encourages hair growth as it protects and nourishes dyed and permed hair. Also formulated with vinegar to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and sebum boosting scalp health.1. Low pH will balance your hair and scalpThe acid..
Rs. 2,982
Brand: Aromatica
Product DetailsHypoallergenic shampoo offers gentle yet effective exfoliation with LHA for a healthier scalp. It features a blend of rosemary, pine leaf, ginger, bhringraj, basil, coriander and oregano extracts to nourish and strengthen hair and scalp. Additional moisturizing ingredients such as bio..
Rs. 4,890
Shiseido - Tsubaki Premium Treatment Moist 180g Shiseido - Tsubaki Premium Treatment Moist 180g
Brand: Shiseido
Product DetailsSalon-grade hair treatment offers quick but intensive care with Japanese camellia oil and innovative technology that delivers nutrients deep into the core of hair. Innovative penetration technology inspired by salon treatment technology, allowing plenty of beauty ingredients to p..
Rs. 4,200
Brand: Some By Mi
Product DescriptionAchieve soft, untangled hair in three minutes with this anti-hair-loss scalp treatment! The product contains cica, peptide and black complex to nourish scalp and prevent hair loss. Formulated without silicone and sulfate ingredients to ensure safety.It can help alleviate hair loss..
Rs. 3,481
Some By Mi - Miracle Repair Treatment 180g Some By Mi - Miracle Repair Treatment 180g
Brand: Some By Mi
Product DescriptionThe treatment improves your damaged and frizzy hair so silky and shiny hair in a minute.This Miracle Repair Treatment fills the gaps of the cuticle layer in hair with protein and delivers moisture and nourishment with the highly concentrated botanical oils and nature derive extrac..
Rs. 2,982
The Face Shop - Damage Care Water Hair Treatment 200ml
Product DetailsA wash-off hair treatment offers a refreshing finish with watery texture.Provides nourishment to your scalp and hair, helps optimize the water-oil balance of scalp.Infused with 5 kinds of essential oil, leaving a healthy, shiny-looking hair.200mlHow to UseOpen the cap, apply a moderat..
Rs. 6,185
The Inkey List - Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment 50ml
Product DescriptionIf hair’s stubbornly oily then help is at hand: THE INKEY LIST’s Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment swiftly eliminates build-up and lift-inhibiting grime as it gently eradicates flakes to help minimise itching.With 2% salicylic acid to exfoliate and help to purge embedded ..
Rs. 5,070
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