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Abib - Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump New Version 50ml Abib - Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump New Version 50ml
Brand: Abib
Product DetailsThe upgraded ABIB Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump is more powerful than ever!This soothing, non-sticky essence contains 80.59% of Heartleaf extract to help soothe irritated skin, offering gentle exfoliation and providing sebum care, leaving the skin looking bright and clear. The upgrad..
Rs. 4,650
Abib - Hemp Seed Essence Activation Pump 55ml
Brand: Abib
Product DescriptionHemp seed, known as a superfood provides powerful moisturization to dry skin.This hypoallergenic essence offers deep, intense hydration and increases elasticity for soft and silky skin. Moisturises skin intensively with Hemp seed, known as a superfood provides powerful moisturisat..
Rs. 4,463
Product DescriptionAll of the brightening benefits of the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner and Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist you love are now available in a powerful eye cream!Created exclusively in collaboration with Acwell, the hydrating Licorice pH Balancing Intensive Eye Cream f..
Rs. 680
Brand: Anua
Product DetailsCalm sensitive and irritated skin with this soothing cream enriched with 70% heartleaf extract for anti-inflammatory benefits, therefore it is also ideal for those having skin redness owing to acne inflammation. Ceramide NP works in tandem with panthenol to strengthen the skin’s moist..
Rs. 6,950
Axis-Y - Biome Radiating Intensified Essence 50ml
Brand: AXIS-Y
Product DetailsAn anti-wrinkle essence that makes your skin more resilient and healthy.Formulated with Special Biome Blend, a blend of 5 different prebiotics and probiotics combined at the optimal ratios for benefits such as improving complexion and skin health.Contains Mugwort Extract to soothe ski..
Rs. 4,890
AXIS-Y - Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum 50ml AXIS-Y - Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum 50ml
Hot -7 %
Brand: AXIS-Y
Product DescriptionBoasting a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly formulation free from artificial colorants, mineral oils, fragrances and parabens, this serum refreshes and nourishes skin with extracts from calendula, papaya and sea buckthorn, while also offering brightening effects with rice bran extr..
Rs. 4,790 Rs. 5,150
Brand: AXIS-Y
Product DetailsAlways at the forefront of skincare, South Korea's latest trend is creating skincare that lowers the skin temperature to battle common summer skin woes like irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Axis-Y's Vita Frost does just that with their patented COOL-H technology, a combination of..
Rs. 4,890
Beauty of Joseon - Bubble Toner Green Plum + AHA 150ml
Product DescriptionRich microbubbles exfoliate and sweep away impurities while also controlling sebum production and improving the appearance of pores.The key ingredient in this toner is naturally derived AHA from green plum water and sugarcane extract. AHA glycolic acid removes dead skin cells to u..
Rs. 3,649
Beauty of Joseon - Dynasty Cream 50ml Beauty of Joseon - Dynasty Cream 50ml
Product DetailsThis cream is as luxurious and pampering as it sounds. It’s enriched with nourishing hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients like ginseng and orchid extract to moisturize, brighten and tighten skin. The formula also helps strengthen the moisture barrier so skin stays ..
Rs. 5,690
Product DescriptionInfused with 80% ginseng root water as well as a uniquely formulated ginseng complex to revitalize dry skin and control sebum. This hydrating toner leaves skin plumped-up and wrinkle-free. Safe for use on sensitive skin.A moisturizing toner formulated with traditional Korean herba..
Rs. 4,950
Product DetailsTrial size version of Ginseng Essence Water.A moisturizing toner formulated with traditional Korean herbal medicine that keeps the skin smooth and revitalized.Features 80% Ginseng Root Water and Ginseng Complex that nourish dry skin.Contains 2% Niacinamide and 0.04% Adenosine that hel..
Rs. 2,890
Product DetailsRestore your complexion with this luxurious, silky serum enriched with traditional Korean herbal ingredients (‘hanbang’) such as ginseng, licorice root and matsutake mushroom. Snail mucin filtrate is the star ingredient, to even skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation & scarring, as w..
Rs. 1,890
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